Improving biodiversity monitoring and modelling

Draw by Daniel Bustillo

Global biodiversity is declining rapidly, largely as a result of human activities. Effective policy and adaptive management strategies in the face of global change require well-designed biodiversity monitoring as well as the anticipation of future changes. However, efficient and robust monitoring schemes are costly to maintain over large areas and many years. In contrast, citizen science data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. However, opportunistic citizen science data comes with huge challenges and caveats. These data are characterised by having neither a consistent structure nor a fixed sampling protocol leading to significant spatial and temporal biases and, therefore, require careful consideration in ecological modelling and conservation research. My general interest is the development and application of quantitative tools to answer ecological questions and address conservation problems. INCISE

Guillermo Fandos
Guillermo Fandos
Postdoctoral Research Associate

I combine empirical data, fieldwork, and quantitative methods to improve our understanding of how natural and anthropogenic changes influence biodiversity dynamics.